Free trials and promotions regularly offers promotions, consisting of either free or discounted offers on CrateDB Cloud database-as-a-service products. These may involve discounts of up to 100% on specific subscription plans, on scale units within those plans, and/or for particular periods of time. In this guide, we explain step by step how to make use of such promotions, as well as when payment information will be required during the process.

Keep in mind that you can also try out CrateDB Cloud at any time by following the default cluster deployment tutorial and choosing the Development plan, which is designed for just this purpose.


Free and discounted promos are currently not supported for subscription plans offered through the SaaS marketplaces (AWS and Azure Marketplace).

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Sign up

In order to make use of a promotion, you must first sign up with an account. You can follow the process described in the signup tutorial to do so. Follow the steps and log in (or if you already have a username and password for CrateDB Cloud, use those credentials). Once logged in, you will be forwarded to the CrateDB Cloud Console Organization overview.

However, before you can launch your promo cluster, you also need to have an organization and a project (which are organizational containers that the cluster must operate in). Fortunately, the project will already be created as part of cluster configuration. That means there is only one more preliminary step to take: creating an organization.

Create an organization

Before the promoted cluster can be deployed, it is necessary to create an organization within the CrateDB Cloud Console. The trial cluster is then deployed within this organization. When you arrive for the first time at the CrateDB Console Organization overview, you should be prompted to create an organization.

Create an organization

Enter the desired name for the organization in the field and click Create organization. Once this is done, you will be returned to the CrateDB Console Organization overview, where you can start deploying your free or discounted cluster.

Deploy a promotional cluster offers two types of promotional offers from time to time: free (trial) offers and discounted offers. Below is described how to deploy clusters using either kind of promotional offer.

Free promotional cluster

To deploy a free promotional cluster on CrateDB Cloud, follow the signup process and create and organization as described above. Then, once arrived once more at the Dashboard tab of the Organization overview screen, click on the Deploy cluster button.

You will be shown all the subscription plans CrateDB Cloud currently offers. Whenever any of the plans are free or discounted, this will be shown in the subscription plan UI. Choose the promo plan you want. In the case shown in the screenshot below, you could for example choose a free trial of the Development plan.

Choose a promoted subscription plan

You can also scale your cluster here between the three available scale units of each subscription plan. Note that discounts and free trial offers may apply to a particular scale unit only, and may apply for a limited time. The UI will show that the relevant scale unit is discounted, by how much, and for how long. For example, in the example below, the first scale unit of the Development plan is free for one month. Click Choose to proceed.

This will take you to the cluster configuration wizard. In the first step of the wizard, you will be asked to choose a region in which to deploy the cluster in a dropdown menu. You will also need to create a new project if you do not have one already. (If you do, it will be automatically pre-selected for you.) Click Next to proceed.

Promo cluster configuration wizard step 1

In the second step of the configuration wizard, you will be asked to define a name for your promo cluster. You will also be asked to define a separate name and password to access the cluster directly through the cluster UI, once it is deployed. The password must be at least 24 characters. However, do not worry: a suitable password will automatically be generated for you.

When you have filled out the form, click Next to proceed.

Promo cluster configuration wizard step 2

The final step of the configuration wizard restates all the information about the promo cluster you are about to deploy. You can confirm the desired discount here by looking at the Pricing section. When you are satisfied, click Deploy.

Promo cluster configuration wizard step 3

If all is well, you will be shown a popup confirming the deployment is in progress and showing you once again your cluster username and password. Since this is the last time you will be shown the cluster access credentials, you may want to copy them into a safe location (e.g. a password manager). Beyond the popup, you will see the Cluster Overview screen in the CrateDB Cloud Console. The section Status on the left-hand side will show you that the cluster is being set up. Once it is done, this will show Available and you will be able to see cluster metrics.

Discounted promotional cluster

In the case of a discounted - rather than free - cluster, the process is essentially the same as described above. Choose your discounted cluster in the subscription plan UI when you have clicked on Create new subscription, just as before. In the example used here, you could choose the discounted GP plan.

Choose a promoted subscription plan

The only difference is that if you do not already have a means of payment associated with your organization, you will see an extra screen at the end of the cluster configuration wizard asking you to fill out your payment and billing information. (I.e., this appears as the fourth wizard screen, following step 3 described in the section above.) On this screen, you can fill out your credit card details and your billing address. We also ask you here to authorize payment to AT GmbH for the costs of the (discounted) cluster.

Promo cluster configuration wizard step 4

After you have submitted this information, click Next to create the cluster as normal. The payment and billing information you have submitted will be saved in the Billing tab of the Organization overview page in the CrateDB Cloud Console.

Use your cluster after the promotion

Naturally, when your free or discounted cluster period ends, you can continue using it. When required, you can simply add your billing information in the Billing tab of the Organization overview of the CrateDB Cloud Console. (This tab will appear in the overview when payment is required for any cluster.) For more information on using the CrateDB Cloud Console, refer to the Console overview in the reference documentation.


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