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If you want to try out CrateDB Cloud’s potential, there are multiple ways to do this. One is to simply subscribe to CrateDB Cloud, by following our direct subscription tutorial, and to choose the Development subscription plan. As a secondary option, you can also refer to our SaaS marketplace offers on Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace and choose the Development plan there. (For more information on what that means, see our reference on subscription plans).

However, there is also an easy option to try CrateDB Cloud without any commitment at all. You can avail yourself of our free trial: a fully functioning CrateDB Cloud cluster running for 14 days without cost, so you can experience the benefits of CrateDB Cloud without worrying about any charges just yet.

In this guide, we describe step by step how to activate the CrateDB Cloud free trial offer. The CrateDB Cloud structure is based on organizations, and within these organizations run projects that contain the deployed clusters. To deploy your free trial cluster, you therefore need an organization and a project to deploy it in as well. Fortunately, these are created quite easily as part of the deployment process, as will be shown in the following steps.

Sign up

In order to access the free trial, you must first sign up with an account. The signup process starts at the webpage form. Fill out the form and click Submit to proceed.

Free trial webform

You will see a forwarding screen confirming your information was received. This takes you to the signup process, where you can create a username and password for CrateDB Cloud (supported by Cognito). Follow the steps and log in (or if you already have a username and password for CrateDB Cloud, use those credentials). Once logged in, you will be forwarded to the CrateDB Cloud Console subscription overview, where you will find the free trial option.

However, before you can launch the free trial cluster, it requires an organization and a project as containers for the cluster to operate in. Fortunately, the project will be created as part of cluster configuration. That leaves only one preliminary step: creating an organization.

Create an organization

Before the free trial can be deployed, it is necessary to create an organization within the CrateDB Cloud Console. The trial cluster is then deployed within this organization. When you arrive for the first time at the Console subscription overview, you should be prompted to create an organization. (If you have already done so, you can skip this step and directly use the Launch free 14-day trial cluster button on the Console subscription overview page.)

Create an organization

Enter the desired name for the organization in the field and click Create organization. Once you have done so, you will see in the subscription overview screen a set of options for choosing a cloud provider: Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. Below them is the free trial cluster option.

Free trial cluster

You can now deploy the free trial cluster by clicking the Launch free 14-day trial cluster button. This will take you to the configuration wizard for the cluster, which will complete the process.

Configure the free cluster

In the configuration wizard, the organization you have created will be pre-selected. All that remains is to choose a region where the cluster will be deployed and to name the project your free trial cluster will be a part of. When you are done, click Next.

Name a project

The next step requires you to name the cluster itself and to configure a username and password to access the cluster directly through the CrateDB Cloud admin UI. (Note that this username and password are distinct from the one used to access the CrateDB Cloud Console.)

Configure the cluster

When this is complete, click Next again. This will show you a summary of the cluster configuration and the subscription tier (free trial) you are deploying. It also shows you the storage, query, and ingest capacity of the cluster. The price, of course, is $0.

Cluster summary

If you are happy with the results, click Deploy. Your free trial cluster will now be deployed and you will be returned to the CrateDB Cloud Console.

Free trial expiry

After 14 days, the free trial cluster will automatically expire and no longer be accessible. You do not have to do anything to cancel or remove it. To continue using the CrateDB Cloud service after the 14 days, you can subscribe to one of our marketplace offers.


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