Subscribe to CrateDB Cloud via the Azure Marketplace

One way to deploy a CrateDB cluster on CrateDB Cloud is via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You will need a Microsoft Azure account and an Azure subscription with a credit card linked to it. By using CrateDB Cloud’s service on Azure Marketplace, your hourly usage is billed directly by Microsoft, not by

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Using the CrateDB Cloud offer on Azure Marketplace

Visit the CrateDB Cloud offer on the Azure Marketplace. Under the Plans + Pricing tab you will find useful information on available cluster configurations. The Development plan is suitable as a demo of CrateDB Cloud. For production ready use cases, there is a General Purpose plan, as well as IO Optimized and Storage Optimized plans. Finally, there is the CrateDB Cloud Contract for paying yearly in advance on the basis of direct negotiation with our Sales team. For details on these plans, see our documentation on subscription plans.

Once you know which plan suits your needs, click the blue Get It Now button to the left to take up the CrateDB Cloud offer. After giving consent to Microsoft sharing basic account information, you will be redirected to the Azure Portal. The Azure Portal provides a dropdown menu where you can select the plan you have chosen previously.

Azure Portal CrateDB Cloud offer

Simply select your preferred plan and confirm by clicking Set up + Subscribe. Note that you can still review the plans and pricing again at this stage before creating a subscription.

The next page allows you to configure the subscription you have just chosen. First, name your subscription. Then choose a subscription type that should be billed for the total usage. All resources in a single Azure subscription are billed together. You can also define a resource group and its location here. A resource group is a set of resources with the same life cycle, permissions, and policies. For more information on these, refer to the Azure documentation on resource groups. Optionally, you can also set tags for this resource. More information about tags can be found in the Azure documentation on tags.

CrateDB Cloud on Azure subscription

Once everything is set, click Review + Subscribe in the bottom left corner and accept the terms of use by clicking Subscribe again.

Your offer with the desired subscription is now being created. This might take a few seconds. You’ll see the result in the Azure Portal’s Notifications menu. Once the offer has been created you can access it either by clicking on the notification Configure account now when it appears.

Alternatively, go to Home > Software as a Service (SaaS) and select the service you just created from the listing of subscriptions. (You may have to navigate via SaaS (Classic), depending on whether you had Azure resources before Microsoft Azure changed their interface.) Possibly you will see an orange warning sign in the overview. This is because you first have to configure and deploy your cluster on CrateDB Cloud. Until this is done, the cluster will not be active and nothing will be billed.

In either case, you will be referred to the CrateDB Cloud Console for further configuration.

Next steps

The next steps are to configure your cluster in the CrateDB Cloud Console wizard and, finally, to deploy your cluster. This will be explained in the next section of the tutorial.


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