Scale a cluster

This guide will provide a quick overview of how to scale your cluster using the CrateDB Cloud Console. For the purposes of this guide, it is assumed that you have a cluster up and running and can access the Console. If not, please refer to the tutorial on how to deploy a cluster for the first time.

If you scale your cluster downward rather than upward, special configuration may be required: see Important things to know.


Please be aware that as actual cluster usage is billed, scaling your cluster can affect your charges.

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Find the Cluster Settings page

To scale your clusters in the Console, you must find the Cluster Settings page. When you first access the Console, you will arrive at the Organization page.

Cloud Console organization overview

To scale a cluster, you need to know what project the cluster belongs to. Go to the Projects page in the left-hand menu to find an overview of all projects associated with your organization. Select the one that has the cluster you want to scale deployed in it. (Make sure the correct region is selected in the dropdown menu at the top left to see the desired projects.)

In the menu on the left hand you should see below the divider line an icon or icons representing all clusters associated with the currently selected project. Here, find the correct cluster and click on the icon. It will expand and show links for three pages: Overview, Metrics and Settings.

Cloud Console projects cluster selection

Click on Settings. This will take you to the Cluster Settings page, where you can see the current scale unit of the cluster, as well as an information box for the current cluster plan and tier. To scale the cluster up or down within the permitted range, simply click the Edit scale unit button at the top right.

Cloud Console cluster settings

Scale a cluster

Once arrived at the Cluster Settings page, you can scale the cluster you selected in three steps. First, click the Edit scale unit button in the top right.

Secondly, choose the desired scaling value in the radio button menu that appears.

Finally, confirm with Save.

Cloud Console cluster settings scaling menu

The values corresponding to each scale unit will vary depending on the plan selected for the cluster. This also affects the cluster configuration and pricing. A warning will appear to remind the user that changing scale settings will be reflected in the charges billed.

Important things to know

When scaling a cluster, there are some important aspects to keep in mind:

  • Changing your scale unit will affect pricing. It does not change the subscription plan within which the scale units apply.
  • Scaling happens without downtime. This normally can take up to an hour.
  • When scaling a cluster downward, the number of replicas may need to be adjusted. This occurs when the desired number of nodes in your cluster is lower than the number of copies of a given table (this is the number of replicas + 1). For reference on how to do this, see the CrateDB documentation.


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