Create a new project

A guide on how to create a new project in the CrateDB Cloud Console.

Table of contents

The Organization page

When you first access the CrateDB Cloud Console, you will arrive at the Organization overview page. This page displays your organization with the name you selected, further subscription options, and any deployed clusters.

Cloud Console organization overview

In order to create a new project within the organization, click on the Projects tab in the left-hand menu to go to the Projects page.

The Projects page

In the Projects page you will see an overview of any already extant projects. It will show their name, timestamp of creation, project ID, and region of deployment.

Cloud Console projects overview

Here, you can create a new project. To do so, click the Create Project button at the top right. It will prompt you for a project name and a region you want the project to be based in.

Cloud Console add project dropdown menu

Fill out the desired information and confirm by clicking Create at the bottom right corner.

Once a project has been created and is listed on the Projects page, you can click on that project there to select it. Below the divider line on the left-hand menu, the tabs for Overview, Users and Settings will now refer to the selected project. For more information on how to interact with the project through these pages, see their description in the Console overview in our documentation.


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