Data types

The Database API client and the SQLAlchemy dialect use different Python data types. Consult the corresponding section for further information.

Table of contents

Database API client

This section documents data types for the CrateDB Database API client.


The CrateDB Database API client implementation is incomplete. For the time being, the client uses native Python types.

In general, types are mapped as follows:

CrateDB Python
boolean boolean
string str
int int
long int
short int
double float
float float
byte int
geo_point list
geo_shape dict
object dict
array list

When writing to CrateDB, the following conversions take place:

Python CrateDB
Decimal string
date integer, long, or string
datetime integer, long, or string


The type that date and datetime objects are mapped depends on the CrateDB column type.


This section documents data types for the CrateDB SQLAlchemy dialect.

Type map

The CrateDB dialect maps between data types like so:

CrateDB SQLAlchemy
boolean Boolean
byte SmallInteger
short SmallInteger
integer Integer
float Float
double DECIMAL
timestamp TIMESTAMP
string String
array ARRAY
object Object (extension type)
array(object) ObjectArray (extension type)