Cyber Security

Real-time SQL for real-time threat detection and prevention

Real-time SQL Cyber Security Database

Protecting IT systems from cyber security threats is one of the most popular applications of CrateDB. CrateDB is a cyber security database that combines a real-time SQL engine built on top of a NoSQL foundation. That gives you the scalability, performance, and analytic flexibility of a NoSQL DBMS without having to sacrifice SQL ease of use and integration.

CrateDB allows SQL developers to process logs and network traffic in real time or in great volumes to support a wide variety of cyber security analytics use cases. Here are a few of the cyber security systems that are powered by CrateDB:

Solutions like these are enabled by CrateDB cyber security database features:

  • Millions of data points per second – Elastic scaling enables CrateDB to ingest data at high speeds on clusters of inexpensive commodity servers
  • Real-time query speed – columnar indexes, field caches provide in-memory SQL performance on streams of network or log data
  • Text search, IP fields, AI, time series – Dynamic schemas and optimizations for processing a wide range of cyber security data and analytics
  • Always on – Built-in data replication, data distribution, and cluster rebalancing ensure non-stop threat detection and protection
  • ANSI SQL = No Lock in –  Easy for any developer to use, and integrates with standard data sources and visualizations…no special stack required.

“CrateDB’s real-time SQL performance, simple scaling, and high availability make it a key element of our stack”

Sekhar Sarukkai

Co-founder & SVP Engineering, Skyhigh Networks

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