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Amazon Timestream vs. CrateDB for Industrial Time Series Data

CrateDB and Amazon Timestream are both time series database solutions.

Announced in November, 2018, the Amazon Timestream time series database service is still not generally available as of January 2019. Other than pricing, there is little detail available about the Timestream service features and API. It is said to include a SQL-like adaptive query engine, data compression, data aging/retention policies, and built-in interpolation and smoothing functions.

Amazon Timestream: Costly for Industrial Time Series?

In a detailed time series data pricing example, Amazon explains that Timestream costs ~$329USD per month to receive data from 10 devices, at 1GB of data per day each, to support a dashboard that queries the data 10 times per day. Unfortunately, industrial time series applications are orders of magnitude more intense.

Consider a typical CrateDB time series workload in an industrial IoT factory setting:

10,000 factory devices inserting 600,000 events per minute (864 million per day), being queried 900,000 times per day to support different real-time dashboards. The inserts alone would cost $150,000 per month on Amazon Timestream.

CrateDB is a better fit for industrial time series workloads such as those found in smart factory, vehicle fleet management, and smart city settings:

Lower Costs

Timestream pricing does not scale to support large-scale industrial time series workloads. CrateDB is more economical.

Greater Versatility

Dynamic schemas, text search, and user defined functions enable CrateDB to sup­port for a wide range of industrial time series analyses.

Easier Integration

CrateDB's ANSI SQL interface enables easy integration of time series data with other IT data for richer analysis.

Run Anywhere

Use CrateDB Cloud as a hosted service, or download and run it on premises at the edge for optimal performance & cost.

CrateDB provides stronger, more affordable support for industrial time series & IoT workloads than Amazon Timestream.

Amazon Timestream
Organizes data by time interval Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Columnar indexes & compression Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Runs anywhere Checkmark Icon AWS only
ANSI SQL interface Checkmark Icon "SQL-like" interface
Concurrent query & ingest Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Data aging/retention Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
MQTT interface Checkmark Icon
Dynamic schema Checkmark Icon ??
Price-Performance $ $$$
Fit for Industrial time series Strong-scalable price/performance, data flexibility & integration. Weak-too costly to scale. Hard to integrate.
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