We are an open source company at heart and welcome help, support and contributions from our community.

This doesn't only mean code, but also engaging on stackoverflow, usergroups, documentation, submitting bugs, issues and of course feature requests.


We are fully aware that many features need to be added to Crate, and they will be over time. To help prioritize this list, we welcome your feedback. Open an issue on Github and describe the feature you need and how it should work. If you explain why you're making the feature request, we will try to find a way to help you.


Before reporting an issue, make sure you use the latest version of Crate and search our issues list on Github, it may be already known about and in progress. If possible, help us in reproducing the bug by delivering a small test case so we can run a test against it.


We appreciate your ideas and help. Before you start to contribute, please contact us (e.g. in #crate on Freenode IRC), just to make sure nobody else is already working on that problem or feature. We want your code to be accepted and would love to discuss best approaches.

  1. Fork and clone the main Crate repository to your local machine.
  2. Start coding. DEVELOP.rst on GitHub has detailed instructions about how to work on Crate.
  3. Test your changes. Run tests to make sure that nothing is broken.
  4. Sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). We are not asking you to give us your copyright, but we need to get your OK to distribute your code without restriction.
  5. Update your local repository with the latest Crate code. Rebase your branch on top of the latest master branch. We prefer your changes to be squashed into a single commit.
  6. Submit a pull request. Update your forked copy of the repository and submit a pull request to our team. Please describe your changes, and if possible refer to the issues solved on the issue list.
  7. Grab a coffee. Our team will review the pull request and discuss it internally. We will get back to you and if things work well, merge your pull request into the code base.