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Analyzing Docker Container Performance With Native Tools

In this blog post, we will set up a small CrateDB cluster with Docker and go through some useful Docker commands that let us take a look at performance.

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When is a SQL Subquery 260x Faster than a Left Join?

Learn why SQL subquery performance was 260x faster than a left join when querying 4.6 millions rows of ecommerce cross-sell data in a CrateDB database.

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Benchmarking Complex Query Performance in CrateDB and PostgreSQL

In this post we put together a benchmark that compares CrateDB v.1.14 versus PostgreSQL v9.6 performance in terms of query throughput and query time.

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CrateDB Scalability Benchmark: Query Throughput

This post describes a query throughput benchmark showing how CrateDB provides linear improvements in query throughput as the cluster grows.

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Insert Performance Boost on Replicated Tables

How we were able to greatly increase CrateDB's performance for replicated tables.

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Big Bite: Ingesting Performance of Large Clusters

Performance benchmark explaining how a 56-node CrateDB cluster was able to ingest up to 4.8 million records per second on Microsoft Azure.

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