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Indexing and Storage in CrateDB

In this article series, we look from the bottom of CrateDB architecture and gradually move up to higher layers, focusing on different CrateDB internals.

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Connecting to CrateDB from Tableau with JDBC

In this tutorial, we set up the PostgreSQL-Driver for Tableau, connect to CrateDB from Tableau and make a simple visualization.

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CrateDB Doubling Down on Permissive Licensing and the Elasticsearch Lockdown

Crate.io will no longer use Elastic’s Elasticsearch as an upstream project for CrateDB and open source its entire codebase under the APLv2 with CrateDB 4.5

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CrateDB 4.2 is now stable and ready for use

A lot of SQL functionality has been added to make CrateDB 4.2 work seamlessly in industrial IoT environments. Now available in Azure and AWS.

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Running and managing Crate databases with Mesos

How to get started running and managing CrateDB databases with Mesos.

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A Scalable REST service with Pyramids, CrateDB & SQLAlchemy

Blog post recap of a presentation on test-driven development tutorial featuring CrateDB, SQLAlchemy and Pyramids at EuroPython 2014.

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