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How the Thomas Concrete Group is adding value to its customers with IoT and CrateDB (part II)

TGC, a world-leader organization in the concrete industry, keeps implementing digitalization projects to improve its service. Now, the TCG customers can track the curing of their concrete in real-time, monitoring its strength and temperature through sensor data stored in CrateDB.

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Crate's evolution in open source and company building, from a founder’s point of view

Crate.io co-founder Christian Lutz explains the reasons behind CrateDB's licensing change, sharing his vision for the future of the company.

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Farewell to the CrateDB Enterprise License: FAQ

Starting with CrateDB v4.5.0 and from now on, Crate.io says farewell to its Enterprise License. Instead, all CrateDB features are now available in a single, open-source version licensed under Apache 2.0. This means that CrateDB is (and will continue to be) completely free if you run it on your own premises.

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Crate.io’s renewed commitment to open source

Read in our CEO letter how we continue to be deeply committed to the developer community and also an active contributor to the open source initiative.

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Servus and Thank You!

Today I’m announcing my departure from Crate.io, the company I cofounded 7+ years ago and have been building together with a great team.

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A warm welcome to Eva Schönleitner, new CEO of Crate.io

With Crate.io entering the next phase of expansion, I am very pleased to announce that Eva Schönleitner will lead our company as CEO from now on.

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How We Use Trello to Help Us Onboard Our New Employees

In this post, I explain how and why we started using Trello to improve the onboarding experience for our new employees.

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Summertime Internships

A rundown of our 2018 summertime internships.

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Announcing Crate.io $11 Million Series A Round

A stellar group of investors joins Crate.io, and we are excited to announce an $11 million series A round!

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Snow Sprint 2017

Team offsites are are an important part of the Crate.io culture. Here's what happened during the January 2017 snow sprint in the Austrian Alps!

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