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Farewell to the CrateDB Enterprise License: FAQ

Starting with CrateDB v4.5.0 and from now on, Crate.io says farewell to its Enterprise License. Instead, all CrateDB features are now available in a single, open-source version licensed under Apache 2.0. This means that CrateDB is (and will continue to be) completely free if you run it on your own premises.

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CrateDB Doubling Down on Permissive Licensing and the Elasticsearch Lockdown

Crate.io will no longer use Elastic’s Elasticsearch as an upstream project for CrateDB and open source its entire codebase under the APLv2 with CrateDB 4.5

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Celebrate open-source software with Crate.io! Submit four pull requests to any of our projects and receive a limited edition swag.

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What We Learned Hosting Our First-Ever Devops Workshop

We hosted our first-ever devops workshop with the help of PyLadies This post tells you what we did and what we learned in the process.

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Trip Report: J on the Beach, 2019

Some of the highlights from the J on the Beach 2019. With talk videos, some personal reflection, and links to further reading.

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Crate.io Named "Cool Vendor" by Gartner

Earlier this month Crate.io was named a "cool vendor" in the Gartner 2019 Cool Vendors in Manufacturing Operations report.

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Craties Go to J on the Beach

Last month, three of us flew out for J on the Beach in Málaga, a conference for bringing "developers and DevOps together around Big Data."

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Crate.io at Berlin Buzzwords

Some of the Crate.io team attended Berlin Buzzwords 2018 last week. In this post, we will share some of the things we learned.

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May is for Meet-ups!

At Crate.io we love meet-ups and May is definitely the month for meeting!

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The Latest and Cratest

We're on a mission to evangelize the wonders of new distributed SQL database technology and the cool things IoT developers are doing with it. To that end, we've been traveling around to meet as many of you as possible.

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