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Doing Data Science for the Common Good

In this post, I will introduce you to the idea of doing data science for the common good and hopefully give you a few ideas about how you can get started.

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CrateDB, Machine Learning, and Hydroelectric Power: Part One

An overview of a proof-of-concept we have been working on with Craftworks to deliver business intelligence for one of Illwerke VKW's key hydroelectric power plants.

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Machine Learning and CrateDB, Part Three: Experiment Design & Linear Regression

In the third part of this miniseries, I show you how to predict the number of Twitter followers a user has using regression analysis.

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CrateDB 3.2 (Stable) Available Now

Support for changing the number of shards on existing tables, enhanced PostgreSQL dialect compatibility, the addition of window functions, and stricter license handling.

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How We Use Trello to Help Us Onboard Our New Employees

In this post, I explain how and why we started using Trello to improve the onboarding experience for our new employees.

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Infrastructure as Code, Part Three: Configuration With Salt

In part three of this Infrastructure as Code (IaC) series, I will introduce you to Salt and show you can use it to decompose your infrastructure setup...

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Monitoring CrateDB on Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana

Learn how to set up Prometheus and Grafana with CrateDB so as to monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage, as well as CrateDB metrics like queries per second.

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Machine Learning and CrateDB, Part Two: Getting Started With Jupyter

In part two of this miniseries, learn how to get started with machine learning using CrateDB and Jupyter Notebook.

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Use Power BI With CrateDB for End-to-End Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to get started with Power BI and CrateDB to easily create reports and dashboards.

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Pair CrateDB with Grafana 5.x, an Open Platform for Time Series Data Visualization

Pair CrateDB with Grafana 5.x, an open platform for data visualization. Perfect for working with time-series data.

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