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New partner on board: welcome roosi

Crate.io is starting a cooperation with the data intelligence consulting company roosi, expanding the market options for IIoT projects in the DACH region.

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Comparing databases for an Industrial IoT use-case: MongoDB, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB and CrateDB

We compared how MongoDB, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, and CrateDB perform for an industrial IoT use-case. We talk about our experience in this blog post.

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Terminology for database beginners: making sense of databases

New to databases? This glossary will help you understand some useful terminology for database beginners, as SQL, consistency, scalability or ACID.

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How to set up a CrateDB cluster with Kubernetes

Setting up a CrateDB cluster with Kubernetes can be done in just a few steps, and scaling up and down is straightforward.

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The unexploited power of industrial time-series data

Manufacturers already have what they need to achieve digitalization: it's their time-series data. The key resides in accessing that information effectively.

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Why are IIoT projects failing?

The industrial IoT implies huge advantages for manufacturers. However, to fully implement IIoT projects is being challenging for many industries.

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New partner on board: welcome M&M

Together with M&M Software, we will further advance in our goals: to provide the digital infrastructure the manufacturing industry needs.

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21 Tips for Working From Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

During the Coronavirus crisis, many people are working from home for the first time. This can be challenging. Here's a list of best practices and tips.

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Making Sense of IIoT, Big Data, and Time Series Databases with CrateDB Cloud

Confused about IIoT, time series, and what it all means? We explain the fundamentals, introducing CrateDB Cloud.

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CrateDB 4.1 Is Now Stable and Ready for Use

CrateDB 4.1 adds support for more SQL features that support time series use-cases, including interval-based data management. We also improved string scalars.

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