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How we chose the Facebook Presto SQL Parser for Crate


Crate is an elastic SQL Data Store. We created it to provide a quick and powerful massively scalable backend for data intensive (or analytics) apps...

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Blog Conferences at Berlin Buzzwords


We love Berlin, we love Berlin Buzzwords! That's also one of the reasons why we're proud to be one of ...

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Blog secures funding from Sunstone and Draper Esprit

2014-04-24, developer of the open source CrateDB SQL database for developers, has raised $1.5 million from Sunstone and Draper Esprit.

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What it’s like to be #1 on Hacker News


Donu2019t get us wrong. We always wanted to get to the number 1 position on Hacker News. We thought we would plan ahead, craft a...

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Blog Conferences

Meet us at the Next Web 2014


We're part of the boost program at the Next Web Europe 14. Drop by our table and have a word with us!

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Crate Hackathon, Day 2


Blog post about Admin User Interface, User Defined Functions (UDF), Cratex, Benchmark Suite and the NUC Performance.

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Crate Hackathon, Day 1


Crate Hackathon Day 1 is almost over - time for a short blogpost about what we've been working on, while...

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Mountain Hackathon, April 9-11 2014


Be part of the first Crate Hackathon at a Mountain Hut! You are responsible for the brain food, Christian and Jodok will take care of your bodies.

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