Release: Crate 0.40.0 (Testing)

Christian Haudum
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July 11, 2014

We're happy to announce a new testing release of Crate!

Version 0.40.0 ships with a lot of great features, such as INSERT by query, load metric expressions on sys.nodes, ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN support, geo scalar functions (DISTANCE, WITHIN), IS NULL filter on columns of any types, and an updated ElasticSearch version (1.2.2).

Here is the full change log:

* COPY FROM / COPY TO: allow importing from and exporting to s3 without access credentials (only to / from public resources)
* improved the clean up of distributed query execution if some part of the operations couldn't be executed due to resource exhaustions
* performance improved of scalar function substr
* updated crate-admin to 0.9.0 which contains following changes
* use new sys.nodes.fs expression in order to calculate disk utilization of data disks correctly
* changed sys.nodes.fs column to contain stats about all mounted disks, total disk stats and node data path locations
* changed output of colum names in information schema to subscript notation
* implemented sys.nodes.process expressions
* implemented sys.nodes.os expressions to show uptime and cpu utilization
* implemented expressions to show tcp network stats
* updated elasticsearch to 1.2.2
* added insert by query support
* added distance and within geo scalar functions
* implemented sys.cluster.master_node expression
* it is now possible to use is null on columns of any data type
* added support for alter table add column

You can download the latest testing version from the download page

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