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The Enterprisers Project

Edge computing and IoT: How they fit together


Edge computing brings data processing as close to an Internet of Things (IoT) device as possible.

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Industry of Things

Central data storage vs. edge computing? What the industry expects in 2021


A new level of maturity in digitization will enable enormous growth in 2021. One reason for this is the increased networking of cloud-capable systems with edge computing. For some processes, the local cloud is the obvious choice.

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Big Data Insider

ALPLA relies on IoT data processing in discrete manufacturing

2021-02-12 developed an IoT platform for ALPLA based on its CrateDB Cloud for Azure and the CrateDB Edge module.The solution offers a fully managed Database-as-a-Service with CrateDB and the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.

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Big Data Challenge: Austrian Startup With a Solution


The digitalization and automated networking of the world has given the challenge of handling large amounts of data correctly. demonstrates the necessary foresight into the question of how to handle data efficiently with its products.

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Startup Valley News

Know Your Market


Christian Lutz, Founder & President of, introduces StartupValley readers to CrateDB, a SQL database, in his interview with the Europe's largest magazine for start-ups, founders, and entrepreneurs

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startup insider

Special Episode: Our Wishes for 2021


The special episode of the Startup Insider podcast discusses the reasons why 2021 should be a great year for start-ups. The CEO of, Eva Schoenleitner, shares her wishes for 2021 with the listeners of the podcast.

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startup insider

Special Episode: What Are Your Resolutions for 2021?


The Startup Insider podcast's special episode features Eva Schoenleitner, CEO at, in the discussion about the resolutions for 2021.

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Special Episode: The Most Important Corona Learnings


The new podcast about the most important start-up news and updates "Startup Insider" made a special episode about the most important Corona learnings. Crate's CEO Eva Schoenleitner takes a part in the discussion sharing her and company's experience with corona crisis.

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The Best Austrian Startups in 2020

2020-12-23 announced the best Austrian start-ups of the year 2020. The business magazine placed on the 36th place of the ranking marking company's international success.

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These Are Business Books You Should Read in 2021 – Recommended by Executives


Microsoft News asked executives which business books they would recommend for an exciting reading list for 2021. Christian Lutz, Founder & President of, shared his recommendation with readers.

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