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IIoT data volume spurring time series database growth


Why massive IIoT data volume is spurring time series database growth

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IoT World Today

Is my Smart Factory Smarter than Yours?


The concept of the “smart factory” is hot in the manufacturing sector, but the precise meaning of the term and the prospect of how to build one can be elusive.

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The Digital Enterprise

Champions of Change


Interview with Jurgen Sutterluti, VP - Energy Segment and Data Analytics at Gantner Instruments

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Smart Industry

Going open-source to handle IIoT real-time data


Going open-source to handle IIoT real-time data

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IoT for All

Deploying Successful IoT Solutions


Podcast E024 | Deploying Successful IoT Solutions | Christian Lutz, Founder & CEO of

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Software Advice

3 Ways IoT in Manufacturing Boosts Productivity (and a Roadmap to Get There)


In conversation with Software Advice, discusses how manufacturers can most effectively - and efficiently - leverage IIoT technologies.

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Time Series Databases Go Mainstream as Sensor Data Volumes Explode


The key trends that will shape time series databases throughout 2019.

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How to Get Started Using CrateDB and Grafana to Visualize Time-Series Data

2019-04-09 customer Lovely Systems goes into detail about how they paired CrateDB and Grafana.

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Plastic News

Alpla sets a mission to Industry 4.0


Packaging system and container producer Alpla Inc. is rolling out its Industry 4.0-related Mission Control concept on CrateDB.

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IoT Innovator

CrateDB earns IoT Innovator Award


Named “Best IoT Open Source Software”

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