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Software Advice

3 Ways IoT in Manufacturing Boosts Productivity (and a Roadmap to Get There)


In conversation with Software Advice, discusses how manufacturers can most effectively – and efficiently – leverage IIoT technologies.

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Time Series Databases Go Mainstream as Sensor Data Volumes Explode


The key trends that will shape time series databases throughout 2019.

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How to Get Started Using CrateDB and Grafana to Visualize Time-Series Data

2019-04-09 customer Lovely Systems goes into detail about how they paired CrateDB and Grafana.

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Plastic News

Alpla sets a mission to Industry 4.0


Packaging system and container producer Alpla Inc. is rolling out its Industry 4.0-related Mission Control concept on CrateDB.

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IoT Innovator

CrateDB earns IoT Innovator Award


Named “Best IoT Open Source Software”

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Bloomberg Technology

Microsoft Chasing European Startups for Future Cloud Business


Microsoft supporting start-ups building software for some of the fastest-growing areas in computing, including connected factories and vehicles, AI, blockchain databases and computer vision.

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The New Stack

How We Designed CrateDB as a Realtime SQL DBMS for the Internet of Things


About the DBMS design choices that made to support the new IoT data workload–millions of machine data points queried in real time.

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CrateDB 2.0 Enhanced with Stronger Cluster Capabilities, Security Upgrades, and SQL Improvements


CrateDB 2.0, a SQL database for real time analytics of IoT and machine data, features enhanced cluster capabilities and SQL improvements.

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CrateDB 2.0 Enterprise stresses security and monitoring — and open source


The open source database for processing high-speed freeform data with SQL queries now has enterprise features, available as open source for faster developer uptake.

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With version 2.0,’s CrateDB database puts an emphasis on IoT


With this new version, this clustering system offers improved performance and resiliency.

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