Mountain Hackathon, April 9-11 2014

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April 1, 2014

The roots of the Crate Team go back to the time when we were part of the Zope/Plone community. We’re known to host legendary sprints – focused development session lasting anywhere from a day to a week, in which developers pair off together.

We’ll revive that good tradition and host the first Crate Hackathon at a Mountain Hut in Schwarzenberg, Austria (696m). It’s located in the heart of the Bregenz Forest and features 3 Coding-Floors with a total of 300 m2 space.

You can reach the nearby airports of Zürich, Munich, Memmingen or Friedrichshafen in about 40-120min – depending which one.

The heart of the hut is the “Stube” – the large traditional living room. An oven and a sofa make it really cosy to be there. It is connected to a “Schopf” – a closed veranda.

You are responsible for the brain food, but Christian and Jodok will take care of your bodies. Delicious breakfast, featuring eggs with bacon, Pasta, BBQ or some late night snack. Be prepared.

We enter the house in the basement, that’s also where our Spa is located. The water might be cold, but definitely refreshing. But honestly – we’re here for coding anyways.

The Gym is located close to the Spa. You can workout with the Axe. Please don’t operate the Chainsaw outside office hours.

The facility is even prepared for a power outage. Even if the laptop batteries are emtpy, we’ll still have fire in the kitchen.

Space is limited

Please drop us a line in case you want to participate!


More Information and Logistics

More details can be found on our GitHub Wiki

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