Crate Hackathon, Day 1

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April 10, 2014

Day 1 is almost over – time for a short blogpost, while the team enjoys some cheese and beer 🙂

What have we been working on today?

  • cratex: Christian (@apfelente) and Philipp (@onkelbogi) started working on a native OSX Client for Crate.
  • Bernd (@dobe) and Basti (@einsmu) are working on Crate benchmarks. Their Python Fabric script It will make it supereasy to run them. E.g. to compare different Crate.
  • Hooray! Jürgen doubled the speed of crate-python. It seems that the requests library added some overhead and urllib3 is way faster.
  • The Admin UI finally got some long awaited features (thanks @burnes_ernesto): The SQL console not has history support for executed SQL queries, including keyboard only support. It will also be possible to store queries in local storage for future reuse.
  • User Defined Functions (UDF) with Python looks really promising! Mathias (@mfussenegger) and Bernd (@quodt) showed a working prototype that was able to execute UDFs.
  • More Languages! Christoph (@corck) published the first crate_ruby gem. It even supports BLOBs.
  • Conny, Manfred (@schwendinger) and Christian’s (@chaudum) Chrome extension “Chromate” is waiting for Googles approval. Thumbs up to see it appear in 24h. It’s written in pure Javascript/HTML to monitor the health of your clusters from within the browser, provides critical information and enables you to quickly navigate to the admin interface of unhealthy clusters.
  • craterl Not much more to say. Good job Peter (@petersabaini) and Matthias (@mwahl)!
  • Stephan and Igor connect Node.js and Crate. The combination of non-blocking JS and Crate looks really promising!
  • Last but not least – we now have a portable Testcluster powered by Intel NUCs!

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