Announcing Crate as a Google Click-to-Deploy Database

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May 7, 2015

Please note that despite our best efforts, the Crate image is no longer available on Google Compute Engine. You should still be able to use compute instances to run Crate manually.

The team is happy to announce that it is now even easier to start a Crate cluster on Google Cloud Platform.

After collaborating with the engineers at Google, Crate is now officially available as a Click-To-Deploy database for Google Compute Engine. Having a GCE click-to-deploy really emphasizes two key features of Crate:

Google Click-to-deploy fields for Crate

The point and click provisioning of a Crate cluster is as simple as filling out these six fields.

You can get started with Crate on Google Cloud Platform right now!

If you have any questions about Crate, the click-to-deploy process, or support questions please reach out to us.

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