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We're on a mission to evangelize the wonders of new distributed SQL database technology and the cool things IoT developers are doing with it. To that end, we've been traveling around to meet as many of you as possible.

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Our CrateDB Conference Demo


How we developed a facial recognition app on CrateDB for OSCON 2017. Running on Raspberry Pi hardware, Grafana, and more.

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Happy Birthday Kubernetes!


In July Kubernetes celebrated their first birthday with events around the globe. Crate took this opportunity to run a Hackathon entirely based around Crate and Kubernetes in Berlin.

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Blog Conferences Docker is DockerCon Gold Sponsor


We are proud to announce that Crate.IO is an official gold sponsor for DockerCon 2015. After attending DockerCon in Amsterdam last year we fell...

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Docker’s 2nd Birthday in Berlin


Docker is currently one of the most spoken about tech projects right now and it's hard to believe that it's only two years old. As...

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